Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Google Loves Me

I was tearing my hair out. I couldn't for the life of me understand why Google wouldn't index the forklift truck attachment site. MSN indexed it straight away but I figured that they're just keen. I don't see all that many people using MSN search. Obviously a lot of people will use them because of all the cash they spend on advertsing but hey, for now, it's Google I want. We'd done some gentle work on the site so that the spiders could traverse the site and emphasised the content so you knew you could get such as a Self Dumping Hopper from there, or a fork mounted scoop or so on and so on. I'm sure you see what I'm getting at. Anyway, last week I finally posted on a reputable SEO forum. Should have done it in the first place I suppose but who wants to admit defeat. Didn't make any diference anyway as Google spidered the entire site the next day. Beginning of the next week and traffic is double what it was and we're yet to start really tweaking. Did Google just want to see me Humble?

If anyone is into Harry Potter, I think perhaps more than a few, then Psychobel Jr, Tek Tek has started a blog. Let her know you exist

And talking of traffic, we decided that as we do ISP bits and bobs, we'd do some affiliate stuff. Just nice complementary products like Onspeed. Well were indexing fantastically for really great search terms and generating nice revenue without a lot of effort. I rather like that.

Did I mention that we're working on another of our Internet Access ISP s? We've got loads. Netfury is up and running and is fairly handy for domain registration and onspeed download and free email

And there's more...

We're also helping out Manchester based business networking guru, Will Kintish, with a bit of Web Marketing consultancy. That could be lots of fun. He's very good.

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