Sunday, June 26, 2005

Web Standards and Accessability

Just saw an article on the BBC website stating the reasonably belledding obvious but seeing as far too many UK businesses aren't aware of the bleeding obvious when it comes to operating online, I suppose it's a valuable piece.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

More Stuff about us, ISPs, indexing and, y'know, stuff!

You may gather that I use this blog as something of a toy. Our slightly more serious VirtuAffinity Blog is where our main "stuff" will be

Thoughts on Working the Room

Recently, I've been talking to a chap called Will Kintish. He helps people network. Not in the way that he introduces Mr A from such a company to Mr B from AN Other company, though he does do that, he trains people in the art of networking.

I've just persuaded him to start a blog. He has information and articles coming out of his ears. As part of our work with him. We looked at some niche terms for search engine optimisation. He suggested Working the Room was good one. I couldn't see it my self. It seemed too niche. However, we looked and there were quite a few searches for the term. It just shows that you can't pre judge how other people think or search.

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