Monday, September 11, 2006

Email… the good, the bad, and the ugly

Everyone and their dog seems to have an email account nowadays, whether it's from your ISP, work or a web based account email is one of the most useful things to come out of the internet. The only trouble with it is... technology has moved faster than our ability to create rules for this new medium. Everyone who emails probably knows someone who’s got themselves into major trouble with it, particularly at work. My favourite story is of a girl who started at a new company, was told her email would be monitored for three months but still used her work account to sign up for an escort agency (complete with sexy photos), much to everyone’s amusement (except hers when she was sacked).

Still you don't have to be blatantly stupid to let email get you into hot water. As there is no universally accepted email "etiquette", what you write can often be misinterpreted or be unintentionally offensive. As there is no universally accepted email "etiquette", what you write can often be misinterpreted or be unintentionally offensive. If you want to make sure you don’t get it wrong, have a look at this email guide.

Before you start offending all and sundry, you need to get yourself an email account sorted out. There is an endless choice of email providers and you can get anything you want as an address with a bit of searching. After the age of thirteen, however, the option of having, '' is not the main deciding factor when picking your email provider. You need something which is easy to access, you are able to pick up through MS Outlook or Pegasus or whatever email programme takes your fancy (a.k.a POP3 email), and gives you the option of having a few addresses for different purposes. Free UK ISP offers all this as part of it's free internet access service, which we think is pretty cool. Whichever provider you choose, just remember your email p and q's!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Getting you internet connection up to speed...

Following on from my earlier post, it seems that many people are put off dial up as they think it’s synonymous with a slow connection, but having a dial up internet connection no longer means sacrificing speed. Netfury compression tools have developed a service which dramatically increases the speed of a broadband connection and 12Free ISP have teamed up with Netfury to provide what is probably the fasted dial up ISP in the UK, up to five times faster than ordinary dial up.

Physically changing the speed of your internet connection is impossible, and the sceptical amongst you are probably wondering how this works. Well…Netfury uses a technology called Content Sensitive Compression ('CSC') to individually compress each element of a web page or email content using various compression algorithms based on a nine Patent approved proprietary technology (please don’t ask me to explain that any further! Read more about Netfury.)

Interested? Check it out for yourself!

What is an ISP?

Many people are unsure just what exactly an ISP is, or of the different ways in which they can obtain internet access. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a business or organisation that provides access to the internet. As well as providing access to the internet users rely on ISP’s for domain name registering, and email. At the dawn of the internet ISP's were ran by telephone companies, but now anyone who has the skills to do so can start their own ISP, which means much more choice (and perhaps confusion!) for the consumer.

ISP’s provide different ways of accessing the internet, from slower dial up services to faster broadband connections. Both have their merits although as online media more popular broadband is increasingly favoured. However dial up ISP are preferred by many loyal users and can be accessed from any landline in the world.

Generally an ISP charges a monthly fee to a customer, dependant upon the speed of the service, and other extras offered, although free ISP services are available. Check out Which ISP? for a list of free providers.

New Contributers

It's been a long time since this blog was updated so new contibuters Jamie Clouting and Emily Pattinson have been assigned to make sure new content is added, for all its readers.

Check back soon to see what we've been saying!!

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