Thursday, January 25, 2007

Netfury Speeds Into The UK

The fastest and smartest internet compression tool for dial up internet will soon be arriving in the UK. Users of dialup know that the speed of their connection can be infuriating compared to broadband, however lots of people use dialup either because broadband is not available, or it doesn’t suit their circumstances. The arrival of Netfury means that you can have access at a speed comparable to broadband. And the best bit is you can keep your existing dialup ISP!

Netfury Accelerator delivers text and graphics more efficiently by using a variety of proprietary compression technologies that significantly reduce the size of Web pages and page elements sent to your browser. Compression is the main mechanism for accelerating first time page visits. Netfury also provides intelligent caching. This means that after you have visited a web page once, at subsequent visits it will load about five times faster than it would than if you were using dialup without Netfury.

Netfury also provides advanced protection against annoying pop-up windows and annoying 'in page' advertisements.

Netfury will be available for £25.00 per year and will be launching in the UK in March 2007. Watch this space for future updates!

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