Thursday, April 15, 2010

Helpful ISP Resource

Finding the best information about Internet Service Providers, or even an ISP directly, can be a tough job. Due to this, it is always good to see people providing advice or helpful links that can aid people in there search.

The University of Sussex have recently added a page directing people to helpful ISP resources, which can be found at:

Check it out and let us know your thoughts!

PS - You can also see their complete IT help guides at:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Phase 1 Complete for Swindon's Free Internet Access

The UK town of Swindon has just completed the first stage of the council's plan to offer free internet access, according to the LGC. The plan, which sees 3,500 homes served with the network, was initially delayed at the beginning of the year but has now been fully implemented.

The scheme for free internet access allows people to register for up to two hours of free and unlimited access, or they can chose to pay £9.99 for a 24/7 day pass.

Free access to the internet is becoming more and more of a talking point across the country, with several town's now planning to offer it to residents.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Walkerburn Public Trust to Receive Free Wifi

Yesterday we blogged about UK Communities to Receive Free Internet Access, and today The Walkerburn Public Trust has been revealed as one of the chosen communities.

Walkerburn is a small village on the Scottish borders, and will benefit from the free internet access for the next 3 years thanks to Freerunner. Peeblesshire News are reporting that the service will be installed in the village hall, allowing members of the public to bring their laptops along whenever they need internet access.

The Secretary of the Walkerburn Community Council is reported as saying:
"The free WiFi will help a whole host of people - from fledgling businesses and community groups to children working on school projects. It is exactly the shot in the arm that Walkerburn needs in these difficult economic times."

Read the full story at:

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

UK Communities to Receive Free Internet Access

Free internet access is being provided by Freerunner to 46 communities across the UK following a competition launched in September 2009. The competition was held to find the most worthy communities to be granted free internet access, with the connection being paid for by a combination of advertisements and corporate sponsorship, according to the BBC.

"The Freerunner mission is to give everyone free access to fast wi-fi whether you are in a coffee shop in the West End of London or a community centre in the suburbs of Newcastle," - chief executive Owen Geddes was quoted as saying on the BBC website.

More information can be found on the Freerunner website at:

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

McDonald's to Offer Free Internet Access

The Chicago Tribune is today reporting that McDonald's will soon be offering free internet access across most of it's restaurants in the US. Previously costing $2.95 to surf, the web will now be available for free to customers in mid-January.

Read the full story of McDonald's free internet access at:,0,1641922.story

McDonald's made the internet free in 2007 across it's UK restaurants, but it has surprisingly taken 3 years to offer free wifi in the US.

First coffee and now free internet - watch out Starbucks?

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ISP Comparison - Find the Best Dial Up Providers

A common misconception nowadays is that dial up internet is obsolete - but there is still a demand in instances where broadband may not be available.

Finding an ISP is a challenge in general, but finding the best dial up providers can prove to be particularly strenuous.

WHICH ISP is an ISP comparison website that helps users find the best internet providers, including a search tool for specifically dial up providers.

Having a trusted comparison website can make the difference when weighing up the options of dial up internet, so we strongly suggest you bookmark the WHICH ISP site.

Do you currently use dial up internet? What is your favourite provider?

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Australia to Introduce Filtered Internet

Australia soon plan to introduce internet filtering across the country to prevent users accessing criminal content online. The move, which is similar to China's content control system, will go soon go live after undergoing a 7 month test to try out the filtering.

According to the BBC, the filter laws will be introduced in August 2010, and will take roughly a year to implement

Read more about the controversial move here:

Do you live in Australia? What are your thoughts on filtered internet access?

The move is certainly causing quite a stir on Twitter, with users using the hashtag '#nocleanfeed'. Follow the Twitter reaction at:

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Wireless Free Internet Access Planned for England

A new parliamentary campaign has today been announced to start providing the entire country with free wireless internet access. This suggestion for free internet has been made in an Early Day Motion tabled by Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle, and would look to follow Swindon's lead which is due to roll out free internet access in April 2010.

To read the full story visit:

Free wireless internet would be fantastic to the residents of Lancashire (initially), and then the rest of the UK - but you can still benefit from dial up internet access services which provide free internet at the moment. 1-2 Free is one such service, providing free internet access through the use of a dial up number. The only charge incurred is the cost of dialing the number, which is added straight to your phone bill.

Read more at:

What are your thoughts on a Britain where the Internet is free? Sounds pretty good to me!

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