Monday, December 14, 2009

Wireless Free Internet Access Planned for England

A new parliamentary campaign has today been announced to start providing the entire country with free wireless internet access. This suggestion for free internet has been made in an Early Day Motion tabled by Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle, and would look to follow Swindon's lead which is due to roll out free internet access in April 2010.

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Free wireless internet would be fantastic to the residents of Lancashire (initially), and then the rest of the UK - but you can still benefit from dial up internet access services which provide free internet at the moment. 1-2 Free is one such service, providing free internet access through the use of a dial up number. The only charge incurred is the cost of dialing the number, which is added straight to your phone bill.

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What are your thoughts on a Britain where the Internet is free? Sounds pretty good to me!

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