Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Getting you internet connection up to speed...

Following on from my earlier post, it seems that many people are put off dial up as they think it’s synonymous with a slow connection, but having a dial up internet connection no longer means sacrificing speed. Netfury compression tools have developed a service which dramatically increases the speed of a broadband connection and 12Free ISP have teamed up with Netfury to provide what is probably the fasted dial up ISP in the UK, up to five times faster than ordinary dial up.

Physically changing the speed of your internet connection is impossible, and the sceptical amongst you are probably wondering how this works. Well…Netfury uses a technology called Content Sensitive Compression ('CSC') to individually compress each element of a web page or email content using various compression algorithms based on a nine Patent approved proprietary technology (please don’t ask me to explain that any further! Read more about Netfury.)

Interested? Check it out for yourself!

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